Turn4 Faeria

Turn Turn4lapel-micro Faeria is committed to hosting a unique Faeria tournament each week. Players compete for fame and for the much coveted Faeria World Circuit (FWC) points used to gain access to Abrakam’s premier contest.  Designed to reward players who possess excellent deck-piloting as well as creative deck designs, the Classic offers four (4) tournament modes with unique limitations on deck-building each month:

Week 1: Pauper Power. Only common rarity cards.
Week 2: Wild West. 15+ cards with Wild symbol in land requirement.
Week 3: Mono Mania. Only cards from 1 colour (no neutral cards).
Week 4: Bold Bargain. Only cards with a bold keyword (i.e. Jump, Gift).

Tournaments are open to all players, and are governed by the following format rules in order to maximize participation and guarantee a swift and exciting result:

Turn4 Mosaic-micro 1v1 single-elimination

Turn4 Mosaic-micro Best of 3 matches

Turn4 Mosaic-micro 2 decks for the tournament

The TurnTurn4lapel-micro Faeria Classic is hosted on Battlefy, and follows the standard rules prescribed by Abrakam for FWC-eligible tournaments.  The prize-pool for each tournament is determined by the number of contestants.